Meet our Employees & Board Members

Executive Director–Katlin Miller (pronounced Kate-lin)

Katlin Miller is the daughter of Johnie and Tasha Miller of Granby. She was born and raised on her family’s ranch in Granby and has a real passion for natural resources. After getting her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University in 2008, Katlin began traveling the world as a volunteer field assistant.  She’s studied African wildlife in Namibia, sea turtles in Costa Rica, seals in the Netherlands, koalas in Australia, and she even went to Antarctica on a Students on Ice trip!  Katlin began working as the Executive Director/District Manager of MPCD in 2013, and even though her days of long trips are over, she continues to take at least one to two international vacation travels a year (that’s when she’s not loving on her baby Bella…her toy Australian Shepherd).

You can reach Katlin at or 970.724.3456, ext 4.

District Conservation Technician (DCT)–Mark Volt

Mark Volt came to Grand County in 1983 as a young agronomist ready to start his career as the new District Conservationist (DC) for the Soil Conservation Service, now known as Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).  During his tenure as the Kremmling Office DC, Mark worked with many local ranchers and other private landowners to address natural resource concerns – soil, animal, plant, irrigation projects, and range improvement projects.  Mark retired from NRCS in 2017, but he immediately returned to the office to begin a new job as the District’s Conservation Technician.  Mark and his ex-wife Audrey have two sons, Cody and Andy.

Contact Mark at or 970.724.3456, ext 3.

NRCS Resource Conservationist–Kara Vigneau (pronounced Care-uh Vin-yo)

While Kara is not an employee of the Middle Park Conservation District, she works closely with the District and is a familiar face in the office.

Kara was born and raised in Southeast Michigan where she did NOT grow up hiking, hunting, or truly loving the outdoors. Kara discovered her love of hiking in 2005 when she went on her first backpacking trip to Rocky Mountain National Park where she climbed Longs Peak. Everything about that experience was incredibly challenging, but she says the views and the experience were worth every second. Kara went back to RMNP again in 2007 and came across a National Park Service ranger while hiking down a trail on the west side of the park. Right then, a seed was planted, and she went back to school in 2008 to pursue a B.S. in Environmental Science with a specialty in Natural Resource Management.

For the last 4 years, Kara has worked as a Soil Conservationist for NRCS in Lenawee County, Michigan. For 3 years prior to that, she worked for the Conservation District. While working for NRCS in Michigan, Kara mostly worked with row crop farmers and forest landowners, but she is excited to work with and learn from ranchers here. Kara says that it has truly been a long time dream of hers to live and work in CO, so she is incredibly grateful to be here, especially in Grand County.

Contact Kara at or 970.724.3456, ext 3.

Board of Supervisors

Deb Wood (Parshall)

Long time rancher in Grand County, Deb Wood joined the Board of Supervisors for the Middle Park Conservation District in 2010 and has played an essential role in our endeavors ever since.  Wife of Carl Wood and mother of Travis and Sam Wood, Deb is also a school bus driver for West Grand Schools. Contact Deb by emailing

Jay Yust (Kremmling)

Born and raised in Grand County, Jay Yust has a love of agriculture that is rooted deep in his ancestry.  The Yust Ranch off County Road 1 (Trough Road) was founded in 1885 and continues to run in the family name today as a working cattle ranch.  Jay graduated from West Grand High School in 2002 and then attended University of Wyoming in Laramie for Business.  Nevertheless, he ultimately decided to return to the ranch.

Jay joined the MPCD Board of Supervisors thanks to his interest in conservation and land management.  Furthermore, the goods and services provided by the MPCD are far from foreign to the Yust family.  The Yust family has purchased seed and trees from the MPCD in the past and has also taken advantage of the HPP Clover Seed Giveaway.  We welcome Jay to the Board and look forward to his investment in the conservation and sustainability of natural resources in Middle Park. Contact Jay by emailing

Justin Fosha (Granby)

Justin Fosha was born and raised in Grand County.  Justin and his family own and operate the Drowsy Water Ranch which is a guest ranch near Granby.  The ranch has been in his family for almost 40 years and continues to operate in a guest ranch capacity surrounded by both a working horse (close to 130 horses), cattle and hay operation.  They also own a hay ranch in Walden on the Illinois River.

Justin received a Bachelors degree in Electric Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and then an MBA from the Denver University but has always known he wanted to take over the families ranching business.  He and his wife Gretta are raising two young kids, Peyton and Chase on the ranch.   Justin is excited to help preserve and protect Middle Park through the Conservation District for future generations and the visitors from around the world who come to visit our beautiful section of Colorado. Contact John by emailing

John Longhill (Silverthorne)

John’s unique contribution to the Middle Park Conservation District as a District Supervisor is founded in his educational background in environmental fields such as Oceanography and Landscape Architecture. His studies have helped him to understand the integration of plant ecology, range management, conservation, sustainability and use, in designing functional and beautiful environments. His experience in construction management, landscape design, animal care and management, add up to a wealth of knowledge that he can put to use when serving the landowners of the Middle Park Conservation District. Contact John by emailing

Brien Rose (Kremmling/Silverthorne)

Born and raised in Michigan, Brien has a love the outdoors and conservation. He received a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management from Central Michigan University in 2000. Since then, he has  worked for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the U.S. Geological Survey. Brien is now employed as the Director of Natural Resources and Fish Biologist for Blue Valley Ranch in Kremmling, Colorado. Contact Brien by emailing


Stephen Jaouen- District Conservationist, NRCS
Ryan McNertney – Forester, CSFS Granby Office
Brianna Osborn – Extension Director, Grand County Extension
Dan Schroder – Extension Director, Summit County Extension

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