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In past years, Middle Park Conservation District (MPCD) has been a cooperator of the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery in Fort Collins. However, the CSFS Nursery will be closed in 2023 to make improvements to their facilities and operations.

Thus, we have found a new nursery, OneCanopy, in Loveland to partner with this year.  OneCanopy is in its inaugural year as a nursery, but it aims to be a premier partner across the entire conservation and reforestation pipeline. The nursery property is home to 34,000 square feet of greenhouse space and four acres of additional property dedicated to future stooling blocks and seed orchards. Currently, 200,000 seedlings have been sown with another 200,000 in process.

Differences Between Previous Sales

MPCD is excited about this new nursery and is eager to see the tree seedlings come next spring.  One BIG difference you will notice this year compared to last year is that the variety of offerings is significantly reduced.  As OneCanopy is just starting, they do not have the variety of stock to match the CSFS Nursery.

Another big difference that there is only ONE SIZE available.  The size is 10 cubic inches.  These are tubes that are sold in lots of 25.  The height at time of delivery is expected to be at least 7″ tall.  

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If none of our plants or seed mixes fit your needs and you believe MPCD will be unable to order the plants or seeds you desire, here are some other sources for Colorado Native Plants:
Sources of Colorado Native Plants
NPS Native Plant Vendors

Terms and Conditions for ALL Product Sales
Planting Instructions

Tree Species Descriptions/Photos
Species Suitability Chart
Perennial Info Sheet
Tree Seedling Container Sizes w/ Pictures

Trees for Mountain Areas
Take a Break from the Wind! (Publication on Windbreaks & Living Snow Fences)

Working Trees Series

Seedling Survival Supplies

In a partnership with the local Colorado State Forest Service Office, MPCD sells seedling survival supplies to seedling buyers looking to improve the survival success of their investment.

Descriptions & Pictures of Survival Supplies
Polymer Instructions

Grass & Wildflower Seed

MPCD sells a variety of grass and wildflower seed mixes March-November through our office.  As a convenience to our seedling buyers, we also offer seed for sale through the seedling program.

Please see our Grass and Wildflower Page for more details on the seed mixes we offer.

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