Ultimate Landowner Guide

High Country Rural Living & Land Management

In December 2021, MPCD released the 2nd edition of its “Ultimate Guide to Living in Grand and Summit Counties”.  The information in this 64-page guide is so thorough and diverse that even those who think they know everything about living in the high country are bound to learn something new.

High Country Rural Living & Land Management is definitely the ultimate read for newcomers and old-timers alike!

Introduction and Importance of this Guide
When Grand and Summit Counties were settled, most residents were homegrown experts in agriculture and proper land management.  Nowadays, the population is primarily composed of second homeowners, town folk, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Living in rural mountain communities promises both challenges and rewards. We hope, through this guide, you will:

a) Better understand the limitations and opportunities created by living in the mountains

b) Set achievable goals for your property and lifestyle

c) Grasp conservation-minded principles and acknowledge the importance of conserving our precious natural resources for future generations

For a printed copy of this book, email middleparkcd@gmail.com

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Table of Contents
Complete 64-page Guide


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