Noxious Weed Control


When weeds encroach on otherwise healthy habitats, it often creates a firestorm of events that deterioate native habitats and pose a risk to the wildlife, livestock, ranchers, and recreationists that utilize those lands.  Noxious weeds compete with natives for resources; are often hardier and more prolific; and can sometimes wipe out all vegetative diversity in an area, creating a single monoculture.  Once established, controlling the spread of weeds may be very difficult, if not impossible.  Prevention and early detection are critical to proper weed management.  Middle Park Conservation District works to educate landowners on noxious weed identification and control.  


Grand County In an attempt to curb the spread of weeds in Grand County, the Grand County Weed Division provides weed information and herbicide to landowners on FRIDAYS  during the summer (starting the last Friday in May) from 9am to noon at the County Shop in Granby (469 E. Topaz).  You must bring your own sprayer.  Herbicide is provided free of charge to interested landowners.    Contact 970.887.0745 for more information.  

*NEW FOR 2017:  In addition to the Granby Giveaways, Grand County DNR will have giveaways in KREMMLING on the LAST Friday of every month: 5/26; 6/23; 7/28; 8/25; and 9/29.  The Sept. 29, 2017, will be the last one for both Granby and Kremmling.

Summit County— Summit County has a Backpack Sprayer Loaner Program for small infestations.  Call Kyle Gilmore at 970.688.4252.  Cost-share programs are also available for large infestations.  Call Ben Pleimann at 970.668.4218.  Click this link for Cost-share application.

Ag ProducersMiddle Park Habitat Partnership Program gives up to $500 worth of herbicide to production agriculture folks in both Grand and Summit Counties.  Contact Amy Sidener at 970.887.0745.  The program is limited and starts around April 15th of every year.  You must own/operate at least 640 acres to be eligible.   *NOTE: The 2017 program has begun.  Requests will be taken through May 12th, or until funding runs out.  

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