Spring Seedling Sale

This page lists all the tree seedlings, perennials, tree survival supplies, and seed we sell through our Tree Seedling and Perennial Sale. 

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Spring 2021 Sale

We are now taking orders for the Spring 2021 Delivery.  Trees will be available for pick up in Granby from Friday, September 3-Monday, September 6.  Trees will be delivered to Kremmling and Frisco on Friday, September 3Call Katlin at 970-724-3456, ext 4 with questions.

To place an order, please email middleparkcd@gmail.com with your name, phone number, pickup location (Granby, Kremmling, or Frisco), and the species, sizes, and quantities you want.  Once we verify the availability of your desired purchases, we can proceed with an order and payment by credit card over the phone or check in the mail.

Due to the diversity of habitats and elevations found throughout Middle Park, not all species may be suitable for all locations.  Look at the Tree Descriptions Guide, Perennials Info Sheet, and Suitability Charts for more details.

  • Seedlings come in different sizes and quantities…
    • BR: Bare root – 25 plants for $36
    • LT 30: Large Tube – 16 cubic inch – 30 plants for $110
    • LT 10: Large Tube – 16 cubic inch – 10 plants for $37  Select species of large tube trees are offered in small quantities.  You must purchase a minimum of 10 seedlings, but you may do lots as small as 5 seedlings per species (i.e. 5 aspen and 5 blue spruce = 10, OR 5 blanket flower + 5 black-eyed susan + 5 columbine + 5 limber pine = 20)
    • XLP: Extra Large Pot – 1 gallon – Sold individually for $16/plant
    • 40ci: 40 cubic inch, deep tube – Sold in lots of 20 plants for $110
    • 40-5: 40 cubic inch, deep tube – Sold in lots of 5 plants for $28
    • 60ci: 60 cubic inch, deep tube – Sold in lots of 20 plants for $140
    • 60-5: 60 cubic inch, deep tube – Sold in lots of 5 plants for $35
SpeciesSizes Available
Bristlecone Pine LT 10, LT 30
CO Blue SpruceLT 10, LT 30
Douglas FirNot Available
Engelmann SpruceNot Available
Limber PineLT 10, LT 30
Lodgepole PineLT 10, LT 30
Ponderosa PineLT 10, LT 30
Rocky Mtn JuniperLT 30
Southwest White PineLT 10, LT 30
White FirNot Available
Black Hills SpruceNot Available
AspenNot Available
Golden WillowNot Available
Northern CatalpaNot Available
Kremmling CottonwoodNot Available
Plains CottonwoodNot Available
Lanceleaf CottonwoodNot Available
Narrowleaf CottonwoodNot Available
Peachleaf WillowNot Available
Prairie Sky PoplarNot Available
Antelope BitterbrushLT 30
CaraganaNot Available
Cliff SpireaNot Available
ChokecherryNot Available
CotoneasterNot Available
Golden CurrantNot Available
LeadplantNot Available
LilacNot Available
Mtn MahoganyLT 30
Nanking CherryNot Available
Native PlumNot Available
Red-osier DogwoodNot Available
Mtn Big SagebrushNot Available
WY Big SagebrushNot Available
Saskatoon ServiceberryNot Available
Shrubby CinquefoilNot Available
ThimbleberryNot Available
Three-leaf SumacLT 30
Wax CurrantSold Out
Wild Rose (Woods Rose) LT 10, LT 30
Coyote WillowNot Available
Bebb’s WillowNot Available
Bluestem WillowNot Available
Drummond’s WillowNot Available
Whiplash WillowNot Available
Mtn WillowNot Available
Rocky Mtn PenstemonLT 10
Blanket FlowerNot Available
Black-eyed SusanNot Available
ColumbineNot Available
Wild BergamotNot Available
Stiff GoldenrodLT 10, LT 30

Seedling Survival Supplies

In a partnership with the local Colorado State Forest Service Office, MPCD sells seedling survival supplies to seedling buyers looking to improve the survival success of their investment. 

Descriptions & Pictures of Survival Supplies
Polymer Instructions
SuppliesPrice ($)
Bare Root Polymer (enough for 60 seedlings)4
Potted Polymer (enough for 60 large tubes)4
18″ Tree Guards: Lot of 10 guards/sticks12
18″ Tree Guards: Lot of 30 guards/sticks34
18″ Tree Guards: Lot of 60 guards/sticks65
Tree Shades: Lot of 10 shades/frames8
Tree Shades: Lot of 30 shades/frames23
Tree Shades: Lot of 60 shades/frames43

Grass & Wildflower Seed

MPCD sells a variety of grass and wildflower seed mixes year round through our office.  As a convenience to our seedling buyers, we also offer seed for sale through the seedling program.  See the info below for more info…

2021 Seed Prices (updated 4.4.2021)
Seeding Instructions
Descriptions of Seed Mixes

Wildflower Seed Mix Photos

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