Tree Seedlings & Perennials

MPCD sells tree seedlings and perennials through a partnership with the Colorado State Forest Service  Nursery. 

Our Fall Sale is now open.  Seedlings will be delivered to Granby on September 4th and to Kremmling and Frisco on September 5th.  Due to a number of situational circumstances this spring and summer, the available inventory is less than normal.  The list below represents the stock that is readily available.  Extra large pots (XLP) are not listed but may be available in limited quantities (on a case-by-case basis).  If you are looking for XLP seedlings, email or call me to discuss.  Otherwise, prices and quantities are listed below.
Contact Katlin if you have questions or wish to place an order… or 970-465-7894.  ORDERS DUE BY AUGUST 24.  Once order is verified, payment may be taken by check through the mail (MPCD, POB 265, Kremmling, CO 80459) or credit card over the phone.


Large Tube Seedlings: Sold in lots of 10 for $37 or lots of 30 for $106.  Perennials may mixed/matched so long as they add up to lots of 10 or 30 plants.
Colorado Blue Spruce
Douglas Fir
Engelmann Spruce
Ponderosa Pine
Lodgepole Pine
Rocky Mountain Juniper
White Fir
Bristlecone Pine
Limber Pine
Black Hills Spruce
Southwest White Pine
Mountain Mahogany
Antelope Bitterbrush
Three-leaf Sumac
Wood’s Rose

Rocky Mountain Penstemon
Blanket Flower
Black-eyed Susan

60 cubic inch Tube Seedlings:
Sold in lots of 20 for $140
Native Plum
Coyote Willow
Golden Currant
Wild Rose

40 cubic inch Tube Seedlings: Sold in lots of 20 for $110
Coyote Willow
Red-osier Dogwood

Seedling Supplies: Sold in lots of 10 for $12, 30 for $25, 50 for $42
Tree Shades
Tree Guards
Water Polymer ($4 for 1/4#)

Grass and Wildflower Seed

Planting Instructions
Species Chart and Container Sizes

Perennial Info Sheet
Tree Species Descriptions/Photos
Trees for Mountain Areas

Take a Break from the Wind! (University of Wyoming Extension publication on Windbreaks & Living Snow Fences)

Working Trees Series

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