Water & Snow

Due to drought conditions facing the Western US, water rights have become a hot topic for debate. At the headwaters of the Colorado River, it all starts here in Middle Park, but water shortages and a growing populus downstream has put us in a tight spot. The potential for water rights to be challenged may lead to loss of rights and, eventually, a loss of viable agricultural land. Middle Park Conservation District hopes to increase landowner understanding of Colorado Water Law and water issues, as well as encourage water conservation and better water management.  Click Here to Contact your local Water Commissioner

For information on Snow Surveys, click here.

Want to know how the streams are running?
Click on the map to the left to go to the USGS site for real time water data!

Water Information Links

Citizen’s Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (CQHEI)
Parshall Flume Measuring Table
Small Acreage Irrigation Guide from CSU Extension
Detailed Water Law Summary from Colorado Foundation for Water Education
Water Leasing FAQ from Colorado Water Trust

CoAgMet and CoCoRaHS Weather Information

MPCD Newsletter Articles on Water Conservation

Micro Hydropower (light blue box)
Rain Barrel Bill (dark blue box)
Source Water Protection (dark blue box)
Living Snow Fences (dark bluish green box in left column)
Connection Between Soil & Weather (pink box)
Information on Pond Cleaning and Permit Requirements (light blue box)
Stream Stewardship Handbook (light blue box in left column)

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