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Katlin Miller (pronounced Kate-lin)

Position: Executive Director

Katlin Miller is the daughter of Johnie and Tasha Miller of Granby. She was born and raised on her family’s ranch in Granby and has a real passion for natural resources. After getting her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University in 2008, Katlin began traveling the world as a volunteer field assistant.  She’s studied African wildlife in Namibia, sea turtles in Costa Rica, seals in the Netherlands, koalas in Australia, and she even went to Antarctica on a Students on Ice trip!  Katlin began working as the Executive Director/District Manager of MPCD in 2013, and even though her days of long trips are over, she continues to take at least one to two international vacation travels a year (that’s when she’s not loving on her baby Bella…her toy Australian Shepherd).

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