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Water & Snow

Middle Park is at the headwaters of the Colorado River.  Water quantity and quality is highly dependent on the health and resiliency of watershed and ecosystem from which it originates; as such, what happens here has the potential to affect millions of downstream users stretching all the way to California, Mexico, and even the Front Range.  Water shortages, a growing downstream population, and transmountain diversions all threaten the water resources here in Middle Park.  However, if efficient water conservation practices are implemented now, landowners will be able protect the water resources they currently have and control.  Additionally, many wildlife species inhabit the streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and wetlands in Middle Park; it is imperative that we conserve our water resources for the wildlife that inhabit and use them.  Middle Park Conservation District hopes to 1) Educate landowners on water conservation and the link between water quantity/quality and watershed resiliency; 2) Provide funding opportunities for water conservation projects; 3) Increase the habitat value of our water resources for the wildlife that inhabit and use them.

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