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Wildlife Habitat & Livestock Interactions

In a rural mountain landscape, such as Middle Park, daily encounters with wildlife are a constant reminder that humans are unnatural outsiders inhabiting a very natural and wild world.  The trick is to co-inhabit the land making it safe for people, livestock, and wildlife alike.  Middle Park Conservation District looks to help landowners improve wildlife habitat on their land and decrease wildlife/livestock conflicts.

minimizing our impacts of wintering wildlife

In fulfilling our mission, Middle Park Conservation District supports the following organizations and initiatives.

Middle Park Habitat Partnership Program
Colorado Parks & Wildlife
CPW Game Damage Program

Fencing for Wildlife Brochure

Sage Grouse Initiative

MPCD Newsletter Articles

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Petitioning Process Changes for the Endangered Species Act (ESA) (scroll down to light grey box)
Importance of Pollinators (scroll down to pale yellow box)
Partners for Wildlife Program (dark green box)
Greater Sage Grouse Update 2017 (light purple box)
Know your Target Before you Shoot (gold box near bottom)
Native Bees of Colorado (pale yellow box near bottom)
Bees Declared Most Important Living Beings on Earth (black box halfway down)
Frogs and Noise (pinkish box at the bottom)

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