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Weed Management

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Noxious Weeds

When weeds encroach on otherwise healthy habitats, it often creates a firestorm of events that deteriorate native habitats and pose a risk to the wildlife, livestock, ranchers, and recreationists that utilize those lands.  Noxious weeds compete with natives for resources; are often hardier and more prolific; and can sometimes wipe out all vegetative diversity in an area, creating a single monoculture.  Once established, controlling the spread of weeds may be very difficult, if not impossible.  Prevention and early detection are critical to proper weed management.  Middle Park Conservation District works to educate landowners on noxious weed identification and control and curb the encroachment of noxious weeds throughout Grand and Summit Counties.

Herbicide Giveaways

Grand County: Grand County Natural Resources provides herbicide to landowners on FRIDAYS in Granby (County Shop @ 469 E. Topaz) starting on the last Friday in May and continuing every Friday (from 8 am – Noon) through the last Friday in September. You MUST bring your own SPRAYER. No jugs, no cans, no gas cans, no buckets, etc.  They will limit folks to no more than 4 Gallons a week. Herbicide is provided free of charge to interested landowners.

For information on what to do with old or leftover herbicides or other household hazardous wastes, please click HERE.

Contact Grand County Natural Resources at 970.887.0745 for more information. 

Summit County: Summit County has a Weed Control Cost-Share Program. The Summit County Weed Control Cost Share Program helps property owners offset the costs associated with noxious weed management. Qualified applicants are eligible for up to $500 per year in Cost Share funds. The Cost Share Program operates on a “first come first serve” basis, with high priority weed species taking precedence over more common species. Call Ryan Cook at 970.688.4218 for more information. 

Ag Producers: Middle Park Habitat Partnership Program gives up to $500 worth of herbicide to production agriculture folks in both Grand and Summit Counties.  Contact Amy Sidener at 970.887.0745.  The program is limited and starts around April 15th of every year.  You must own/operate at least 640 acres to be eligible.   Funds are limited and do run out each year.

Noxious Weed Resources

Noxious Weed Guides

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