PAM: Polyacrylamide


PAM, also known as Polyacrylamide, is a safe alternative to seal your leaky ditches.  When dumped into murky ditches, the white granules dissolve and become a slimy, snotty substance that binds to the sediment in the water.  As the sediment settles to the bottom of the ditch, the PAM lines the ditch and seals all the crack and crevices.  It must be noted that PAM will only work if their is sediment in the water for the PAM to bind to; if the water is too clear, PAM will not work.  The best time for application of PAM is in the spring just as you turn the ditch on for the season.  Application rate of PAM is 10lbs to the acre (imagine 10 lbs of sugar on a football field). Contact the office at 970.724.3456 for more information.

Acreage Chart for Ditches
PAM Instruction Sheet
The MPCD has PAM for sale:
15 lb jugs  for $115
5 lb bags for $35
1 lb bags for $7



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