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Interesting Comparison: Middle Park vs. Delaware

Did you know?

  • Grand County has roughly the same land area as that of the entire State of Delaware. Grand County has a land area of 1,846 square miles. Delaware is just a bit larger at 1,949 square miles in land area.
  • Summit County is similar in size to Delaware’s second largest county, Kent County. Summit County has a land area of 608 square miles. Kent County has a land area of 586 square miles.
  • In 2020, the estimated population of Grand County was 15,717. Delaware’s population in 2020 was 989,948.
  • Summit County’s population was estimated at 31,055 in 2020. Kent County’s population was 181,851.
  • The population density of Grand County is about 8 people per square mile. The State of Delaware has a density of 499 people per square mile. 
  • In Summit County, the population density is about 51 people per square mile. It is 310 people per square mile in Kent County, DE. 
  • Per the 2017 Ag Census, Grand County had 290 farm/ranch operations with a combined acreage of 241,000 acres. Delaware had 2,300 farm operations spread over 525,000 acres of farmland.
  • Per the 2017 Ag Census, Summit County had 55 farm/ranch operations on 22,500 acres. Kent County had 822 farm operations managing a total of 182,000 acres. 
  • Livestock and pastureland are Grand and Summit County’s primary agricultural commodities. Vegetative crops and poultry are Delaware’s primary ag products. 
  • Cattle are our preferred livestock in Middle Park. Delaware has chickens. In fact, the State of Delaware has over 52 million broilers (meat chickens).

These statistics provide perspective on how lucky we are to live in the wide-open spaces of the Rocky Mountains. Call me crazy, but it’s hard to imagine Middle Park with a million full-time residents and 52 million chickens running around

Middle Park Conservation District (MPCD)

The Middle Park Conservation District (MPCD) is a political subdivision of the State of Colorado formed under the Colorado Soil Conservation Act. The District was formed after a group of ranchers from Grand and Summit Counties met at Jerry’s Café back in 1956 and discussed the need for a local soil conservation district.  On August 12, 1957, MPCD officially became one of the now 75 Conservation Districts in the State of Colorado. MPCD’s mission is to promote the conservation and wise use of land, soil, water, air, wildlife and related natural resources through education, program administration, and technical assistance for the benefit of all residents in Grand and Summit Counties.

Services We Provide

  • Technical Assistance on conservation projects
  • Education on natural resources conservation
  • Financial Assistance (as grant funding allows)

Products We Sell

  • Grass and Wildflower Seed
  • Tree Seedlings and Perennials
  • Tire Tanks for stock water
  • Polyacrylamide (PAM) for sealing irrigation ditches and ponds

Contact MPCD to inquire about products and services | 970-724-3456, EXT 4 |

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