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Image from Duck, Duck, Go

The following websites were references in the "High Country Rural Living and Land Management" Guide compiled by Middle Park Conservation District. 

1. Duck, Duck, Go Images.

2. Middle Park Conservation District.

3. Wikipedia. Middle Park (Colorado basin).

4. Grand Counties Historical Society. Middle Park.

5. National Agricultural Statistics Service. Quick Stats.

6. U.S. Census Bureau. Quick Facts.

7. U.S. Census Bureau. Historical Census Data.

8. Routt County Extension Service. Guide to Rural Living

9. Colorado State University Extension. Purchasing Rural Property in Colorado

10. Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. Tips on Proper Land & Water Management for Small Farms & Ranches in Montana.

11. Grand County Wildfire Council. Address Signs.

12. Grand County CodeRED:

13. Summit County CodeRED:

14. Grand County Emergency:

15. Summit County Emergency:

16. Summit County Community Development.

17. Grand County Community Development.

18. Colorado Foundation for Agriculture. Colorado Kids: What is Soil?

19. United States Environmental Protection Agency. A Citizen’s Guide to Radon

20. U.S. Title Records. Real Property and Land Easements.

21. Sapling. 5 Different Types of Easements.

22. Colorado Headwaters Land Trust. What is a Conservation Easement?

23. Maine Farm Land Trust. Agricultural Easements.

24. Middle Park Conservation District. Noxious Weeds.

25. Grand County Natural Resources. Noxious Weeds.

26. Summit County Weed Department.

27. Colorado State Forest Service.

28. Middle Park Conservation District. Forests and Fire.

29. Grand County Board of Realtors. 2015 Wildland Fire Prevention Mailer

30. Grand County Wildfire Council. Info For Residents.

31. Grand County Wildfire Council. Fire Restrictions.

32. Grand County Natural Resources. Open Burning.

33. Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Living with Wildlife.

34. Colorado State Forest Service. Landowning Colorado Style

35. Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Fencing with Wildlife in Mind.

36. CSU Extension Small Acreage Management Team. Livestock Management in the Mountains.

37. High Country Conservation Center. Dear Eartha: Is it too soon to start thinking about planting a vegetable garden?

38. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. What You Should Know Before You Buy

39. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. About Wetlands.

40. SeaMetrics. 100 Amazing Water Facts You Should Know.

41. Colorado State Forest Service. Forest Ag Program.

42. Moffat County Colorado. Property Classification and Valuation

43. Middle Park Conservation District. Range, Hay, Pasture, Nutrition.

44. Middle Park Conservation District. 2014 Mid-Sumer News Brief.

45. Middle Park Conservation District. Interpreting Hay Results.

46. Volt and Waller. Using Hay and Fertilizer Prices to Determine the Cost Effectiveness of Fertilizing Meadow Hay.

47. Middle Park Conservation District. Fall 2014 Happenings.

48. Middle Park Conservation District. Summer 2014 Eco-Bits.

49. CSU Small Acreage Management Team. Grazing Guide.

50. Grand Fire. Apparatus and Wildfire pages.

51. Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire and Aviation Management Unit. Explanation of Fire Restrictions.

52. CSU Small Acreage Management.

53. Grand County STR Department.

54. Summit County STR Department.

55. Fire Adapted Communities.

56. Colorado Firewise USA website.

57. CSFS Home Ignition Zone Guide.

58. Ready, Set, Go!

59. Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Preparedness for Farmers, Ranchers, Growers.

60. Air Pollution Control Division. Open Burning FAQ.

61. Colorado Geological Society. Post-Wildfire Hazards: Mud Slides-Debris Flows.

62. Grand County Office of Emergency Management. Flood Ready.

63. NWS Drought Public Fact Sheet (August 2006).

64. Grand County Drought Preparedness Program.

65. Jay Fuhrer, NRCS Soil Health Specialist. Principles of Soil Health.

66. Grazing Management and Soil Health.

67. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Causes of Climate Change.

68. What’s the hottest Earth has been “lately”?

69. UC Davis. Climate Change Solution Beneath Out Feet.

70. Silveria et al. 2007. Carbon Sequestration in Grazing Land Ecosystems.

71. Derner and Schuman. 2007. Carbon sequestration and rangelands: A synthesis of land management and precipitation effects.


73. Ghostbusters logo from

74. Colorado Climate Center. Climate of Colorado.

75. U.S. Forest Service. Conservation versus Preservation?

76. NRCS Technical Note. Harvest Efficiency in Prescribed Grazing.

77. Air Pollution Control Division. Agriculture Burning. 

78. Colorado General Assembly. 2021 CRS Titles.

79. Apartment Guide. 22 Emergency Phone Numbers You Should Know.





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