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  • Addressing
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Offices of Emergency Management
  • County Offices of Human Services, Housing & Public Health


What is the name of the road you live on?

If you live in town, your road may have a common name like Grand Avenue or 4th Street. If you live outside of town, then you may have a County Road (CR) number in addition to a common name. Grand County Road 5 is the proper name/number, but it often goes by its common name, the “4 Bar 4 Road.” Google and other search engines are hit or miss on street names and numbers, so it is recommended you verify and memorize your proper street name and/or number. If you ever have to call 9-1-1, you will want to know the proper name or county road number because there can be many roads throughout the county with the same common name (such as Elk Drive or Chipmunk Lane). County Road numbers are unique and not duplicated within the county.

 Find your official address!  Grand County Parcel Viewer   |   Summit County Parcel Viewer

Is your address sign visible?

You may think your address sign is clear and obvious, but try driving around at night in a neighborhood where you are not familiar. Now, imagine that you are a first responder called out at 3 a.m. to help someone having a heart attack. Quite simply, most address signs are NOT adequately visible. Your house could be far off the road; there might be black numbers on a dark brown background; or the numbers might be too small. Moreover, cute and decorative numbers on old tree stumps do NOT cut it. For this reason, some neighborhoods and individuals have taken it upon themselves to add uniform metal signs at the beginning of their driveways with green backgrounds and WHITE reflective numbers.

REMINDER: When you mount your address sign, make sure it is in a location that will NOT be obscured by snow or snowplowing operations during the winter.

Grand County Wildfire Council sells 9-1-1 reflective address signs to Grand County residents. Check out their website at

Especially if you are a second homeowner, consider getting a Knox Rapid Access System/Padlock for faster access to your driveway and home by first responders during emergencies and alarm calls.

Emergency Notification and Assistance

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Grand and Summit Counties both use the CodeRED Emergency Notification System to keep citizens informed about emergency situations. If you receive a CodeRED call, follow the instructions given to you by the recorded message. Examples of CodeRED messages include: evacuation notices and routes, shelter locations for humans and animals, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, severe weather reports, missing children reports, and more.

To register your cell phone for these important notifications, visit: 
Grand County:
Summit County:

County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Both counties have an Office of Emergency Management that maintain websites and blogs for emergency reporting.  Stay up-to-date on emergency situations in your county.

Grand County Emergency:
Summit County Emergency:  

County Offices of Human Services, Housing & Public Health

Both Counties also have Human Services departments that “work to enhance the capacity of families to care for themselves and to protect vulnerable populations” while also “helping the community remain healthy, safe, and self-sufficient.” These offices can assist with Adult Protection; Child Care Assistance; Child Support Services; Child Welfare; Medical, Food, and Financial Assistance; Veteran Services; and more. Each county also has a Housing Department office for housing needs and a Public Health Office for immunizations; Women, Infants and Children (WIC); Senior Nutrition, and more. Phone numbers can be found on the Contact Sheet (to the right)


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