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You’ve Decided to Settle. Now What?

Baby Alligator. Ok, Now what?
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Now that you’ve decided to settle, it is time to ask yourself some additional questions that will enable you to develop a plan for your property. Sections of this guide will touch on each of these subjects and more.

  • What do I want to do with my property? Will its size support my plans?
  • What legal and/or deed restrictions apply to my property?
  • What is the zoning classification of my property located? What are the permitted uses of this classification?
  • Have I acquired the proper building permits and determined if there are any local regulations that affect my property?
  • What easements are attached to my property (conservation, roads, trails, utility lines, irrigation ditches, other)?
  • Who owns the access road to my property?
  • Is the access road to my home wide and tall enough to handle large vehicles, such as fire engines and heavy construction equipment?
  • Is my homesite so steep that access roads and driveways may be difficult to use when icy or muddy? Will my homesite be prone to drifting snow?
  • Is the soil on my property stable enough for construction? Does it tend to shrink or swell? Is it corrosive to metal or concrete? Is my soil good for growing vegetation?
  • How will sewage be disposed of from my home (septic or city water)?
  • If I plan to build, have I considered using fire-resistant construction materials?
  • If I plan to purchase my home, has it been properly maintained?
  • Is radon present in my soil?
  • How will my drinking water be supplied (well or city water)? Is it safe to drink?
  • What does it mean to be a “Good Neighbor” in the mountains?
  • Do I own any water or mineral rights on my land?
  • Do I have noxious weeds on my land?
  • How healthy is the rangeland and/or forest on my property? Should I seek advice on managing these resources?
  • Do I live within the boundaries of a fire district? If not, are additional fire protection fees assessed in the event of a fire?
  • How safe is my home from wildfire? Will I be able to acquire fire insurance coverage for my home?
  • What do I need to know about drought?
  • What species of wildlife use my property? Is there anything I should do to improve habitat quality?
  • Can I grow a garden up here? If so, what will grow?
  • Do I want livestock? Is that a good idea?
  • What do healthy soils look like and why should I care?
  • Other Important Questions to Ask Yourself:  CSU Extension’s “Purchasing Rural Property in CO” Questionnaire:


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