Seed Sales

Native and adapted grasses, either alone or in combination with native forbs or wildflowers, can be planted to reduce soil erosion and sedimentation, improve water quality, provide wildlife habitat, and lessen the likelihood noxious weed establishment.   The Middle Park Conservation District stocks 5 different seed mixes and can custom order any mix that fits your needs.  Contact our office for seeding recommendations:  970-724-3456.

East Troublesome Seed Mixes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2020 Seed Prices (updated 4.17.2020)
Seeding Instructions
Wildflower Mix Description & Photos
Grass Seed Mix Descriptions

The Grass Seed Descriptions link includes composition charts for the following stocked mixes:
–Dryland Pasture Mix
–Short Mix
–Irrigated Meadow Mix
–Wildlife Mix
–Forest Mix
–Dura-Turf Mix

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